Recommended Reading from Top Coffee Blogs

There are so many good blogs on the web that it can be very easy to miss some of the real gems when it comes to interesting reading.

If coffee is your passion, then you will find some of these posts, not only fascinating, but also educational.

Here are some of the top posts from coffee blogs for you to enjoy.

Coffee Articles Worth Reading: May – June 2014

Could coffee be extinct by 2050?
~ by

 This is a very interesting article in which Andrew Hetzel from raises some serious questions about coffee production and climate change, in particular the problem of coffee leaf rust. You can read his article in more detail and link through to a video clip and a write-up of an interview with Andrew.

 The Stakes are High: Confronting Poverty, Coffee Rust and Unemployment in Nicaragua
~ by Kristina Morris
This article is a real eye-opener. It expands on the coffee rust crisis and how it is impacting on workers and families.

As Kristina expresses it:

…the escalating coffee rust crisis has already affected an estimated 30% of coffee crops.

Given that coffee is the main source of income in Nicaragua, we can only begin to imagine the impact that this is having on livelihoods. This is an article well worth reading. Kristina’s blog,,  is certainly one to bookmark.

Coffee Concoctions and Recipes: Filipino Style
by Teresa Martinez

This post by Teresa describes how the coffee culture differs in the Philippines compared with other parts of the world such as the USA and Europe.

For example, did you know that Barako coffee is grown in the Philippines? As Teresa describes it:

Its flavor and taste are strong, accompanied by a pungent aroma. It is best used to prepare espresso or espresso-based coffee drinks.

Teresa’s article from her blog,, will have you mouth-watering in no time.

Coffee Blogs Worth Reading: May – June 2014

And if you are interested in reading blogging stories, here is a fascinating interview with a blogger who runs her own coffee blog full time.  You can read all about her blog here.

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