Jura Impressa C9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center Review

Who said that you can’t make coffee at the home like the professionals? Given the right machine, you can match it with the best of baristas. And here is another top machine from Jura to help you do it. The C9 is almost like having your own personal coffee maid in the kitchen as it prompts you on what to do and when.

Need I say more?  Jura spells quality. And here is another Jura coffee machine that is up there with the best.

The Jura Impressa C9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center 

Author Rating: (3.9 / 5)

Jura Impressa C9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center with 6 Piece Bodum Canteen Double Wall Espresso Glass Set

What Do You Get with this Machine?

  1. The Jura Impressa C9 Automatic Coffee Center
    • Includes commercial quality grinder
    • Includes a filtration system reducing the need for decalcifying your machine as you have done in the past
  2. Milk Container
  3. 6 Piece Bodium Cangteen Double Wall Espresso Glass Set
    • Exceptionally strong, yet light

Coffee Machine Dimensions

Approx Measurements: 13.5 inches by 11 inches by 16 inches
Water Container Weight: 64 oz
Power Pump: 18 bar

This particular model comes with the additional Espresso Glass Set

I actually like the sleek black colour in the Jura C9. I think it adds real style to any kitchen bench.

With this coffee maker in your kitchen you can look to make up to 40 expressos before you need to refill the resrevoir. 


You can wear your barista cap with this beauty. Its pre-programmed automation allows you to make your favorite:

  • Cappuccinos
  • Lattes
  • Espressos
  • Cafe Mocha
  • Machiatos
  • etc

One very nifty feature of the Impressa C9 is the fact that you don;t have to keep on returning the milk to the fridge in between making your espressos. The milk is stored in a thermal stainless steel container that can keep it cold for up to 8 hours believe it or not, right along side the machine.

The one touch button function adds absolute convenience as you pre-program the processes to be followed:

  • grinding
  • tamping
  • brewing
  • steaming
  • frothing

You can also change your mind mid-stream as it were. Think the coffee needs to be stronger? You can change the strength as it pours thus taking precedence over the program that you had previously set.

Pros & Cons


  • Operates quietly
  • Very easy to program
  • Very compact
  • Can switch between any coffee that you like
  • Easy to clean, as guided by the machine itself
  • Easy to refill the water reserevoir


  • Can be tricky to get tall mugs under the steaming wand
  • It can take a little while to figure out your preferred settings (but then you are good to go)


Would be good if you could switch beans whenever desired rather than waiting to use what is currently in the hopper.

Is the Jura Impressa C9 for You?

Whilst the Jura C9 is more espensive than some machines, it can definitely constitute a saving when you add up previous trips to the local coffee shop for your daily cappuccinos. 

This is THE coffee machine for the busy professional or the busy household. 

You might also  like to try Lavazza Super Crema to see if it has the coffee taste that you would like with this machine.

If you would like to make further comparisons, you can view other top Jura coffee machines here.

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