Fun Facts about Coffee – Interesting Coffee Consumption Statistics

Let’s face it, there’s a lot more to our favorite brew than we might have originally thought!!

Coffee is something that we have in common with so many other people around the world. It is such a widespread, shared passion. 

We know that coffee consumption is massive; we know that the coffee industry is huge. But where is it positioned now; is it growing or stable?

Here are some interesting statistics, courtesy of  the listed sources.

  1. Coffee Consumption – Worldwide
    The International Coffee Organization has recorded an estimated 151.3 million bags (60 kg) of coffee consumed during 2015-2016. This equates to an estimated 1.3% annual growth rate since the year 2012-2013. 
  2. Coffee Production – Worldwide

    So is coffee production keeping pace with consumption?

    According to ICO, coffee production is on the increase:

  3. How Much Coffee and What Type?
    So where do you stand when it comes to your daily coffee drinking?

    According to a Gallup Poll from 2015, approximately 64% of US adults drink a minimum of 1 cup of coffee per day. Now I know that I exceed that number, so what about the average overall?

    Apparently, approximately a quarter of US adults are able to stop at 1 cup of coffee per day.

    Not me!! How about you?

    Let’s see where we fit within the stats:

    It seems that 11% exceed 3 cups per day.

    I could only guess what the average above and beyond the 3 cups might have been.  However this Gallup Poll suggests that the average is about 2.7 cups per day.

    Quite restrained I would say. But if you add that up, that still comes to a LOT of coffee drinking on any given day.

    These are figures from 2015 and looking back in time. There has been little variance from earlier years such as 2012 or even 1999 for that matter.

    You can jump to the end of their article to see the sample size and how the survey was conducted.

    However, the type of coffee being consumed certainly has changed. For example, espresso-type coffees are almost 3 times as popular as they were in 2008, according to the National Coffee Association. And that’s not to mention the huge increase in gormet coffee popularity.

    There has been a generational shift towards trendy coffee drinking. The basic coffee machine of years ago simply doesn’t cut it anymore.  Now we have an endless array of coffee machines that allow all of us to aspire towards barista-quality brews. Coffee machines such as the Breville BES840CBXL The Infuser Espresso Machine, Cranberry Red:

    You only have to glance up at the coffee menu, displayed proudly in exquisite font, on a board in your local coffee house.  How many different types of coffee do you see? And how many have you tried?

  4. Popularity of Coffeehouses
    Now who doesn’t like dropping in to a favorite coffeehouse to catch up with friends over a treasured brew?

    Well apparently there is significant growth in this sector and I would say, not surprisingly.

    There seems to be more and more choice when it comes to seeking out the perfect spot to retreat to with your favorite mobile device as a companion while savoring a latte or cappuccino. 

    According to the Gallup Poll, mentioned in the previous section, the number of coffeehouses apparently increased by a whopping 40% between the years 1999 and 2005. And that’s in addition to the increased use of home coffee makers.  Coffee machines are always coming out with increased capabilities. 

    Given the disparity between how many cups of coffee we drink a day and the increase in coffeehouses, perhaps it means that people simply stay longer in coffeehouse but don’t appear to be drinking many more.cups while there. 

    And this is in spite of our tendency to feel that we should restrict our caffeine intake. However, perhaps more of us are listening to some of the proposed health benefits associated with coffee drinking.  This write up even mentions possible improvements in memory along with certain health improvements.  The write up even discusses correlation factors suggesting variations in longevity.

  5. Coffee Chain Opportunities for Investors

    Well know companies are making the most of these trends. So if you like to dabble in the share market, you might find the information at the bottom of this article of interest.  For example, according to the article, a well-known coffee chain had plans of almost doubling their outlets.  Another well-known brand has huge plans for China. If interested you can click on the article mentioned.

  6. Are You Obsessed with Coffee?
    I don’t think it would come as too great a surprise to learn that, for many connoisseurs, coffee takes pride of place as the 1st activity in the morning.  I can certainly attest to that!! 

    However, I was staggered to learn from an article here that almost 50% in one survey would rather do without their mobile phone for a month than face the prospect of not drinking coffee.

  7. Which Coffee Beverages are the Most Popular?
    Now this is very interesting. According to a 2015  survey conducted by Zagat, the responses from 1,500 coffee drinkers suggested that:

    • Latte Art is trending upwards
    • Flat White coffee as a choice is also trending upwards.
    • Black coffee came is still the most popular.
    • Other coffee beverages coming in behind black coffee included latte, cappuccino, americano, espresso, iced coffee & flavored latte.

Did you know these fascinating facts? Did any surprise you? Either way, it is safe to assume that our treasured coffee breaks, either in a coffeehouse or at home, are here to stay. 

So what is your favorite coffee beverage?

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