Different Types of Coffee Drinks: Popular Coffee Drink Names

When you think about it, there are so many different types of coffee drinks. You go into your favorite coffee shop and probably get to see only a limited choice of those that are currently on offer around the world.

Even then, it can be difficult making up your mind as to which one to try today.

How many different types of coffee have you tried? Do you venture out and try some of the more fancy coffee drinks?

Different Coffee Beverages

Wikipedia for example, lists 67 different types of coffee beverages, many of which I had never heard of. For example, I had never heard of Black Tie coffee before.

But let’s look at a couple of the better known coffee types:

  • Caffè Latte
    Most of us are used to asking simply for a latte.
    A latte in its traditional form consists of a ratio of espresso to steamed milk usually in the proportion of 1 in 3 or 1 in 5.
    It usually comes with some froth on the top.

    Latte Spinoffs – There is such a drink as an Eggnog Latte. This is a combination of eggnog, steamed milk, espresso with a dash of nutmeg. Yum!!

  • Cappuccino
    Well there is no chance of confusion as to what this coffee beverage is. A cappuccino of course is a combination of espresso and hot frothy milk topped off with chocolate powder. It is served in a readily-recognized coffee cup.

    Did you know that the foam on top actually acts as an insulator, keeping the coffee hotter longer?

  • Espresso
    For this most popular coffee drink, a small shot of close-to-boiling water is forced through your ground coffee beans.  The highly concentrated coffee is generally thicker as a result.

    Because of the pressure applied by the machine, to force the hot water through the beans, you end up with what appears to be a frothy layer on top. And of course you have a coffee that is full of concentrated flavor.

    Espresso is traditionally served in a tiny cup or glass (about 60 ml) but is quite strong, having almost as much caffeine as a conventional cup of coffee.

    Espresso Spinoffs – Espresso Romano: This is your usual espresso serving but with the addition of lemon rind and sugar.

  • Flat White
    Now here is a coffee that I have often debated with friends. The main debate is about how much milk is supposed to be in a flat white coffee.

    You would think that the flat white could be described in just a few sentences but many sites provide a very detailed and lengthy description of this popular drink.

    It is still an espresso but has the same amount of milk as does a cappuccino or a caffè latte.

    I certainly didn’t know that it owes its origins to Australia and New Zealand. I know that when we serve cappuccinos at home that a number of guests will ask for “without the frothiness”. So apparently the flat white was an invention answering the preferences of such people.

    Steamed air is still sent through the milk but the top frothy part of the milk is held back so that the flatter milk can be poured from the bottom of the jug.

    Originally you could find flat white coffee being served in the same cups as cappuccinos but the trend now is towards a smaller cup. Some countries serve it as a stronger drink than caffe latte with 2 shots of espresso. Other countries serve it with just 1, making it very similar to a caffe latte.

  • Irish Coffee
    This coffee is alcohol based. It consists of whiskey and cream, usually sweetened whipped cream.
  • Macchiato
    I must admit that in the past I often confused this coffee with a flat white so let’s see how they differ.
    The macchiato is quite the opposite. In other words, it has only a dash of frothy milk.  The macchiato is usually stronger than your cappuccino. Cocoa or chocolate can be sprinkled on top.

    The terms long or short are used to indicate how many shots of espresso are added.. A long macchiato has 2 shots as opposed to the 1 shot for a short Macchiato.

  • Mocha
    Ah, here is one of my husband’s favorites.

    The mocha is similar to a caffe latte with the exception that it has chocolate added. Usually 2/3 of the cup is hot milk.

    You might have heard of the term moccaccino, depending on which region you are residing in or holidaying in.

  • Vienna Coffee
    This used to be one of my favorites but I seem to have moved on to other types of coffee.

    A vienna coffee usually has 2 shots of espresso and is topped with sweetened whipped cream instead of milk. a chocolate dusting finishing it off.

What is your favorite coffee beverage? Do you try different types of coffee or do you stick to the tried and true?


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