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Did you know that the United States consumes more coffee than any other country in the world?

Or that 1% of the American population consumes 4 cups of coffee – or more – every single day?

These statistics speak for themselves: Coffee is one of the best-loved beverages in the country, evidenced by the number of coffee shops that are opening from coast-to-coast. 

Cup of coffee


However, not all coffee is good coffee. To master the perfect cup, you probably need some help. And if you plan on working as a barista or on becoming a home barista, then you definitely need some help.

Lots of people across the world love to drink a cup of coffee but many coffee lovers are misinformed when it comes to making coffee. What is even more interesting is that those who make their own coffee, trip over very basic mistakes when brewing, all of which results in complaints about the taste.

Why settle for poorly-made coffee when you could master the art yourself.  Instead of spending a considerable amount of money on takeaway coffee or spending time looking for that ideal coffee house that serves a true quality brew,

Boot Camp Barista: A Barista School Online

Boot Camp barista

Why not learn to make your own coffee the professional way? Once you master the art you can guarantee yourself a top brew every time when you want it and how you want it. More than that, you might even consider working as a professional barista in a coffee shop.  No? Then at least you can aim to be the best barista in the world at home, 

That’s where Boot Camp Coffee comes in; this online course will allow you to improve your coffee-making skills and create the perfect espresso. Boot Camp Barista Training is a solution that will allow you to do exactly that!

But is the online course worth the money?

And what do you learn?

Here’s a quick review of this barista course online.

Boot Camp Coffee: Online Barista Training

Our  Rating:  (4.7 / 5)

Here you can definitely learn the skills for a barista role, whether you take up that role at home or in a coffee shop. 

You can learn how to be a great barista, someone who has the coffee connoisseur coming back for cup after cup of your top quality brew 

What’s in This Barista Course?

First thing’s first – let’s look at what you actually learn during the course.

Barista Boot Camp covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Basic and advanced roasting concepts.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or if you’ve made coffee in the past – you’ll learn a plethora of new skills and develop your coffee roasting skills over a short period of time.
  • Coffee blending
  • Coffee processing and farming
  • Green coffee and
  • How to evaluate the perfect cup of coffee.

You will be presented with lessons on:

  1. Barista Skills – what is a barista?
  2. Espresso Basics
  3. Coffee Making Techniques
  4. Skills involved in handling milk
  5. Latte Art – an all time favorite and a skill that will set you apart
  6.  Cleaning of equipment and maintenance
  7. Review quiz and certificate
  8. An optional assignment

All concepts in the course are explained in a clear and concise manner so you’ll have no difficulty when it comes to learning these new skills.

Boot camp Barista

How is the Boot Camp Barista Course Taken?

The course is video based, and you’ll get access to hours of video when you sign up.

You can learn in your own pace from the comfort of your own home and develop new skills as you progress through the course.

You even get access to an online forum where you can discuss different concepts with other members.

The course is packaged for your computer or mobile device, so you can learn when you are on the go using your smartphone or tablet.

There are no time limits for getting through all of the lessons and videos. Plus you will receive a certificate to show off, upon successful completion of the course.

Barista Certificate

Barista Training Online: Pros and Cons

Unlike some other online courses, you will be able to access information on the go and contact an instructor if you have a problem with a particular concept.

Coffee Boot Camp classes are split into several different topics which make learning easy, and you’ll be able to learn roasting skills if you plan on opening up your own coffee shop or business in the future.

Reviews of the course have been very positive. One person who has reviewed the course notes that the topics are geared towards commercial roasting and says:

the advanced class might be better if you already know the basics of coffee roasting


Hands down the most practical resource

And a cafe owner, faced with few free hours to learn skills under his own steam states:

This course has been perfect for us.

Verdict of this Coffee Course Review

You might already have been researching coffee roasting courses. If so, then you will find that this course has everything you are looking for.

The Boot Camp Barista course not only caters for coffee lovers but also students, small business owners, entrepreneurs and food lovers alike. Additionally, you do not have to have prior experience in order to get the most out of this course and thus acquire the skills to be a barista.

Boot Camp Coffee is a great course if you want to brush up on your coffee making skills, but it can also prove to be useful if you are looking to expand your business and train your staff so you can serve coffee to patrons or guests. With hours of video guides from professionals – including Jodi Dowell, Willem Boot, and Daniel Humphries – you will learn about roasting, cupping, and much, much more.

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