Is Coffee Good for You? What are the Benefits of Coffee?

Most of us absolutely love our treasured cup of coffee straight from our can’t-do-without coffee machine, whether it be first thing in the morning or during our coffee breaks throughout the day. But equally, most of us debate whether this delicious habit is good for us.

Are There Any Health Benefits in Drinking Coffee?

I’m sure you have asked yourself many of these same questions:

What are the effects of caffeine on the body?

Is black coffee bad for you?

What does coffee do to you? Or more precisely what are the effects of coffee on the body?

Just how bad is coffee for you or is it in fact good for you? If the latter, then why is coffee good for you and in what ways does it have a positive impact?

What are the benefits of coffee, if any?

Well read on.

You have probably read about Javita coffee so you will no doubt love the claim about calories listed below!

I’m sure you will be very surprised by some of the other points in this infographic from

Disclaimer: does not make any claims about the health benefits or otherwise of coffee and is merely displaying what others have claimed as a result of their research. If you wish to follow up on the veracity of these claims, there are references listed at the end of this graphic. If you have any individual health concerns you should consult your doctor. 

15 Health Benefits of Coffee That Will Surprise You

Interesting isn’t it? I find these claims intriguing enough to learn more. So I am off to make my trusty cup of coffee to stimulate my brain activity while I research it further for myself. 

Is Coffee Good For You?: Discover the powerful health benefits of coffee



Coffee: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Coffee

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