Types of Coffee Beans: How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans

When it comes to choosing the Best Coffee Beans, it pays to have an understanding of the different types of whole coffee beans available. And of course, it depends largely on the type of coffee that you prefer. For example, many people have a liking for the health benefits that come from a coffee such as Javita coffee. Others prefer the conventional roasts and look to find that perfect taste.

But in addition to finding that ideal flavor, it pays to know which coffee beans suit which type of coffee maker.

Being able to prepare delicious coffee, time and time again, hinges on the quality and freshness of the beans. if you can buy relatively freshly roasted coffee beans, then there is a far greater chance that your beverage will have a better smell and taste.

However, buying the right kind of coffee beans is not as straight forward as you would think. I could say that there is an art to buying the right beans but perhaps it would be more accurate to say that you need to simply be informed. You need to have some knowledge about what makes various types of coffee beans appropriate for your particular coffee maker and in particular for your taste. There are several aspects you should think about before making a choice.

Best Roasted Coffee Beans: General Buying Guide

When it comes to roasting coffee beans, it is good to have some background information.

  1. Verify the roast date.
    Ideally, the best coffee beans you can possibly buy should have been roasted within 2 to 3 days of your purchase. The fresher the coffee beans, the more delicious your cup of coffee.
  2. Consider provenance.
    One very important aspect to take into account, when buying roasted coffee beans, is the provenance. The manufacturer may be advertised as reliable, but it is better to make sure. If you are looking to find relevant information about the quality of the beans you want to buy, ask the seller about the manufacturer along with a few more details, to decide whether you will be getting the value you are after.
  3. Opt for storing coffee beans in the freezer.
    If you want to make sure that you will always have fresh coffee beans in your home, you can always opt for buying and storing them in your freezer. This will help to significantly reduce the air-reactivity of the bean oils, slowing the staling process at the same time. You can generally store coffee beans for up to 6 to 8 weeks in your freezer without substantial loss of quality.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans for Specific Coffee Machines?

There are several types of coffee makers on the market, but not all of them will produce good coffee unless you buy the most appropriate coffee beans.

It depends on the coffee maker that you currently have, or are thinking of purchasing,  as to which type of coffee beans you opt for.

Espresso Coffee Beans

Espresso machines should generally use extra fine grinds so that the flavor can be better released during the brewing process.

If you are  yet to acquire a good coffee grinder for your home brewing, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind before you choose your preferred model.

French Press Coffee Beans

When it comes to a French Press coffee maker, it is highly advisable to choose coarse grinds, as they generally provide a better taste, in other words, an all round French Press experience.

Percolator Coffee Beans

If you own a percolator, then you can use the same coarse grinds that you would use for the French Press.

Drip Coffee Makers

If you have a drip coffee maker with a filter (paper or steel), it is better to choose medium-ground to coarse coffee beans in order to get the full benefit of the flavor.

For coffee makers with a cone paper filter, opt for fine coffee beans, as they suit the paper filter mechanism and can bring out the full flavor of your particular coffee variety.

Coffee Bean Roast Flavors

From lightest to darkest, the various roast flavors can be classified thus:

  • The New England or light-brown roast, typically generates a flavor that is a little more sour in taste, a flavor that is often described as having a rich acidity. It is sometimes referred to as the light cinnamon roast.
  • The flavor, known as Medium Americans, would come next. It is known to be a little more acidic than the New England variety.
  • If you are looking for a fuller flavor than that generated by the light-brown roasts, then look to the medium-brown roasts which are generally considered to be slightly more acidic. Here you would be sampling a Viennese flavor, which more typically boasts a bittersweet coffee taste.
  • Then we have the darker beans. Here, you could consider Italian roasted coffee beans, which for many, taste even better than Medium Americans. The Italian roast typically has very little, if any, acidity.
  • The Spanish or French roast flavor comes from the darkest beans and tends to have a slightly sweet, albeit charcoal, taste. Dark French coffee beans are a good option if you like that faintly sweet taste.

Specialty Coffee Beans

Perhaps you have a preference for organic coffee beans or gourmet coffee beans or even better, chocolate covered coffee beans. Here are a few of the top rated coffee beans to browse:

And of course you can buy coffee beans online from Amazon.

What is your favorite flavor in a coffee roast?

What other specialty coffee beans have you tried?


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