Bistro 11462-01US Review

With the Bistro French Press, you are saved the hassle of having to boil water separately. The Bistro 11462-01US does it all for you. It has an inbuilt unit that heats the water with the push of a button and then makes your favorite brew while you are getting ready to relax.

This Bistro 11462-01US review looks at the highlights and some of the comments typical of customers who have purchased the coffee maker.

Author Rating:  (3.5 / 5)

Product Details

Product Name: Bistro 4-Cup Electric French Press Coffeemaker
Model: 11462-01US

Highlights of the Bistro 4-Cup Electric French Press Coffeemaker

  • Capacity: 17 oz
  • This coffee maker takes care of heating the water as well as brewing the coffee.
    • No need to heat water separately
  • Has its own filter system so no need for any paper filters
  • Once coffee grounds are in, it works seamlessly with the press of a button.
    • When water has filtered through to the jug, simply press down gently on the plunger.
  • Has a heating element which keeps the coffee warm in between cups
  • Washable components are dishwasher safe
  • Combines the quality of taste, typical of a French Press, with ease of use, typical of an electric coffee maker
  • Produces a rich coffee taste



Feedback on the Bistro 4-Cup Coffeemaker

Feedback has been varied. This coffee maker has both its fans and detractors.


  • No mess
  • Easy to use
  • No need to boil water separately
  • Nice and compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes its own filter


  • Perhaps the water could be hotter
  • Would be good if it were programmable

Overall Verdict on The Bistro French Press

Reactions seem to have been mixed for this coffee maker. People either love it or tend to be a touch disappointed. I suggest you read more reviews that appear beneath the product write up when you click the button below so that you can make a more informed decision:

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