The Best Way to Store Coffee: How to Store Ground Coffee

We all want to preserve the rich aroma of our favorite coffee beans.  But,many  are confused about the best way to store coffee.

People often ask should coffee be stored in the pantry or in the freezer.

So I figured the National Coffee Association is an authority that we can rely on for the best advice about how to store ground coffee.

In a nutshell, the answer is pure and simple. You need to store coffee:

  • In an airtight container (make sure the seal is airtight)
  • In a cool spot
  • In a dark spot

Air is the element that can cause your coffee to deteriorate quickly. In fact the elements that can have the most impact on your ground coffee would be:

  1. Air
  2. Moisture
  3. Heat
  4. Light

And here is a mistake that I have made in the past: I love the appearance of whole coffee beans in a decorative glass jar, sitting on the bench top in the kitchen. But this is a no-no. They might look nice and appealing but unfortunately they are deteriorating as we speak. It doesn’t take too long for the beans to lose their freshness.

And because moisture is one of the negative impacts on coffee, the fridge is out too. How many times have you heard people recommend storing your coffee in the refrigerator?  Well refrigeration is out unless you have purchased too much coffee and need to elongate its life span. In that case, you could freeze the coffee in airtight bags for up to 1 month.

Because of the tendency for coffee to start deteriorating after it has been roasted, it is a good idea to not buy in bulk. Instead buy smaller quantities that can be used before the stale taste creeps in.  It has been suggested that buying ahead for just the next 1 to 2 weeks is probably ideal.


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