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It is hard to find another beverage that is so universally enjoyed. We all love to go out for a coffee, but equally, we enjoy our coffee breaks at home. And that relies on us having the right coffee machine. Thus it pays to know which are the best coffee makers on the market prior to your purchase.

There are so many different types of coffee machines available at the moment that you can end up going around in circles trying to decide between them. This article is intended to help you with your choice. It is not looking at commercial-type coffee machines but rather the best coffee makers for home use.

 What you should consider when buying a coffee machine

Manual & Semi-Automatic Coffee Makers

These machines probably give you a little more say in the final coffee outcome but it does take a little skill and of course practice to perfect the coffee making process to your desire.

Espresso connoisseurs often favor these machines for that very reason.

Andi to get the most out of your customizing touch you would want to invest in a very good coffee grinder.

You would no doubt be quite familiar with  the machines that have a frothing arm protruding from them to froth up the milk. Well these machines would come under the heading of semi-automatic. This is one area where your  skill comes into play, getting the right touch  in frothing up your milk.

The main difference between these machines is that the semi-automatic allows you to pre-determine how much coffee will flow into your cup, whereas the manual requires you to switch it off when the coffee reaches your preferred level.

Automatic Coffee Makers

These coffee machines, as the name suggests, take care of the work side of brewing a top-notch coffee. As such, you probably have a little less say in how your coffee will turn out but you don’t have to “mess” with the settings before you can sit and savor your favorite brew.

People who enjoy the push-button convenience of an automatic coffee machine for their espresso or cappuccino or latte, like the fact that they can set the machine to make their preferred brew strength every time.

The whole process is taken care of for you:

  1. Grinding the coffee beans
  2. Brewing your selected coffee type
  3. Frothing the milk (some require you to operate a steaming wand)
  4. Removing the used coffee grounds

Many automatic coffee makers are programmable so you can even set your machine ahead of time so that your freshly made cup of coffee is ready at your designated time.

You can see a review of 4 grind and brew coffee makers here.

Capsule Coffee Makers

These machines probably take the word ‘automatic’ to a new level. Each capsule contains enough ground coffee for one shot.

It might take a little experimentation to find just the coffee capsules that you prefer but who said that trying out different coffee samples would be hard to take? Certainly not the coffee connoisseur. You can think of this as research time well spent.

Of course, once you find the capsule that you prefer, you know that you will definitely be served up the same taste every time you make a coffee.

These coffee makers are brilliant for keeping the kitchen tidy. There is no clean up mess at the end.

And they are definitely a perfect fit for people on the go and/or for the office. You simply insert your selected capsule, the machine pierces it so that the hot water can flow through and then it fills your cup to your wishes. Once finished, usually via the flip of a lever, the machine ejects the spent capsule and it is ready to repeat the whole process all over again.

Factors to consider when buying a Capsule Machine:

  • Most brands require that you buy the capsules that fit that particular brand.
  • Depending on the brand you will usually find the pods to work out more expensive than the equivalent amount of ground coffee.


But convenience is the hallmark of these machines.

How to Decide on the Best Coffee Maker for You

Choosing which coffee machine will suit your purposes best can be a little tricky. So this list of considerations might help:

  • Budget – how much would you like to spend?
  • Coffee Drinkers – are you looking for a machine that makes just 1 cup of coffee at a time or several? If the former then you might like to look at some of the one cup coffee makers.
  • Types of Coffee – do you have a greater preference for milk based drinks such as cappuccinos or do you predominantly prefer espresso?
  • Efficiency – do you prefer to devote some time to the coffee making process yourself or would you prefer to leave it all up to the machine?


If you are still a little confused by all of the possibilities, Choice recently conducted an extensive search for the best espresso machines. The metrics that they were using to make a valid comparison between these machines included looking at :

  • which machine resulted in the best taste
  • which coffee maker was easiest to use
  • which was capable of frothing the milk the best
  • which coffee maker could maintain a consistent temperature between the 1st cup and subsequent cups


In fact, you can watch exactly how they test these machines to draw their conclusions here:


They have some excellent tips as well, regarding the ideal temperature for your milk etc.

Best Coffee Makers for Home

The following table lists some of the most popular coffee makers along with their star ratings and reviews, up to the point of publication of this article.

ImageProduct IDTitleAuthor RatingEst of Reviews >
B00AQ9NIO0Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System, Black4.5268
B0041A5H5SHamilton Beach 46201 12 Cup Digital C...4.4262
B002FWMF8GMr. Coffee BVMC-FM1 20-Ounce Frappe M...4.4395
B000G9WK8KBUNN BXBD Velocity Brew High Altitude...4.4151
B000FFRZ2QBUNN GRW Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Co...4.3412
B000FFRZ26BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Co...4.3412
B00EXOZGX0BELLA 13845 Dots Collection 12-Cup Pr...4.453
B00BW8YLA4Cuisinart DCC-2600CH Brew Central 14-...4.4463
B000FFILROBUNN BXB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Co...4.3348
B000FFILPGBUNN BXW Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Co...4.3348

Keep us posted, via the comments section below, to let us know which coffee machine you decided on and what you think of it.  I would love to hear from you.

Teaser image courtesy of Stuart Miles, published on 12 March 2013

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