For Your Interest

This blog is focused on providing help for:

  • Coffee lovers who enjoy reading interesting articles
  • People who want to learn to be a barista¬† in order to work in a coffee house
  • People who are looking to purchase a coffee machine and wonder which model would be the best coffee maker for their needs.
  • Coffee shop owners looking to install the latest in commercial grade coffee makers.
  • People who are looking for an online source for their coffee needs, such as coffee beans, coffee makers, coffee books etc.
  • Anyone interested in reading a review of a coffee-related product.
  • Anyone interested in being able to make a better coffee brew.

As such, tips on coffee brewing will be provided. But in particular, books and many coffee makers that might be of interest will be discussed and reviewed.

Make yourself a fresh cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy the ride as you navigate the site.

A perfect coffee brew


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