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The primary goal of is to give you an overview of the best coffee makers on the market.


Well, for most of us, that first coffee in the morning is just the kick start that we need. And, looking at the statistics that can be found at the International Coffee Organization site, it is safe to say we are in good company. 

The coffee ritual is usually a very social occasion but can also be almost meditative and regenerative when we take time out for a little solitude. We owe it to ourselves to have one of the best coffee makers on the market at a price that we can afford.

If you have had a coffee machine before, then you probably know the type that you prefer.

If, however, you are looking for a change, or this is your first coffee maker purchase, then this guide can definitely steer you in the right direction to find the best home coffee brewing equipment. For example, the Zojirushi, one of the best coffee machines for home use, is proving to be very popular with our readers.

Similarly, if you run a coffee business, then you can use the information on this site to narrow down your search for the best coffee shop equipment.

Categories of Coffee Makers

A “personalized brew” is probably the hallmark of today’s coffee machines. It is this flexibility that has many a coffee lover touting their machine as the best coffee maker on the market.

You will find that the term coffee maker is often used interchangeably with coffee machine.

So what are the main types of coffee makers for you to consider?

Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

Drip coffee makers can brew anywhere between 1- 12 cups at a time so this is a popular coffee machine for large families and parties.

They require very little effort at all and basically rely on you topping up the water, selecting your preferred ground coffee and turning on the machine.  Once the brewing process is finished you can sit back and savor your own cup or delight your many friends and family members.

The main features on the drip coffee maker include:

  • A reservoir of water
  • A filter for your ground coffee (disposable)
  • The coffee pot itself

They are very easy to clean.

Extras found on some machines include:

  • A mechanism that grinds the coffee beans
  • A timer for programming the machine
  • A clock
  • A pause option
  • The option to personalize the coffee strength
  • A non-disposable coffee filter

The French Press Coffee Maker

The French Press is an inexpensive coffee machine that has wooed coffee connoisseurs for years.

Its popularity has endured and many a kitchen boasts a French Press as well as the more elaborate coffee makers.

This is a coffee maker that doesn’t require electricity so you can take it anywhere with you, even camping.

Most French Press coffee makers include:

  • A glass jug
  • A cylinder
  • A plunger
  • The filter

Steps to Use the French Press Coffee Maker

  1. Add ground coffee to the bottom of the cylinder.
  2. Pour in boiling water.
  3. Some people prefer to stir next but this is optional.
  4. Attach the lid.
  5. Allow to brew.
  6. Leave for up to 7 or 8 minutes if you prefer extra strong coffee.
  7. Press plunger down slowly.
  8. The coffee grounds are forced through the filter towards the bottom of the jug.
  9. Serve & enjoy.

Espresso Coffee Makers

These machines are for the espresso connoisseur who knows real quality when he/she sees it, or I should say sips it.

So what exactly is the difference between a cup of espresso and a regular cup of coffee? 

The main differences would be:

  • Pressurized hot water is forced through finely ground coffee beans that have been compacted down into their container.
  • Espresso is usually thicker than coffee.
  • Espresso can be identified by a darker layer on the top, almost like a creamy foam on top.
  • Some units come with 2 spouts for making 2 espresso shots at a time.
  • You can usually adjust the size of the shot and thus the strength.

You can read reviews on Best Coffee Maid of some of the more popular espresso machines

And you can access the Buying Guide available on Amazon here:  The Espresso Machine Buying Guide

Commercial Espresso Machines

These espresso machines are in a league of their own. These are heavy duty machines that constitute the hub of success in every little coffee house or restaurant. 

Their automatic functionality has to be seen to be believed. 

If you are setting up your own coffee-serving business then this article on finding the best commercial espresso machine can help steer you in the right direction.

Single Cup Coffee Makers

Single Cup Coffee Makers are perfect for quickly making a single brew.  This is one reason for why they are so popular in offices.

Pre-packaged coffee pods are the perfect answer to no-fuss coffee brewing. Your preferred coffee grounds are already in the pod along with a tiny filter.

They slot easily into their housing in the coffee machine and with a push of the button hot water does the rest of the job. You can simply sit back and sip your favorite brew.

The pods easily eject into a dedicated compartment, leaving your kitchen bench always looking tidy.

Depending on the Single Serve Coffee Machine that you choose, the common features include:

  • Temperature control
  • Programmable
  • The ability to regulate the strength of your brew
  • The ability to fill your cup to the brim or leave room for frothy milk


 The simplicity of a percolator is one of the reasons that they are so popular. To operate, you:

  • Pour water into the jug
  • Place your ground coffee in a holder that sits at the top of the jug.
  • Switch on
  • Watch your coffee brewing through the glass top.

When the water boils, it bubbles up through the tube in the middle of the jug and of course through the filter.

You end up with your nicely brewed coffee sitting in the base of the jug.

Coffee Urns

And let’s not forget the trusty coffee urn, a prized feature in many workplace tea rooms and at business conferences, to mention just a few.

West Bend 33600 100-Cup Commercial Coffee Urn

Consistent Quality with the Best Coffee Makers

Here is a useful video on How to Use an Espresso Maker.

Our coffee breaks during the day provide great opportunities to catch up with friends.

But when you are at home, you can savor that coffee-break moment just as much, provided you have the right coffee maker that suits your taste.

Some of the best coffee makers that I have come across actually add class to the kitchen as well as just that right coffee aroma.

And as for coffee house owners, use of a quality control refractometer goes a long way towards getting the most out of your coffee machine.

For Coffee Lovers Everywhere

Did you know that there is an International Coffee Day?

September 29th is the honored day in about 6 countries, the States included. Other dates throughout the year mark the celebration in other nations. Australia and New Zealand for example, celebrate National Coffee Day on the 22nd of November.

It is not unusual, on this special Coffee Day, to find coffee shops generously giving away samples of coffee or selling it at a discounted rate. You can even find greeting cards dedicated to the occasion.

Perfecting Your Brewed Coffee

Mastering the art of making that perfect cup of coffee can be challenging but definitely worth it in the end.

It is interesting to note that coffee should be served at a particular temperature to ensure that perfect taste. Fortunately, this is a range rather than a precise number of degrees:

Preferred serving temperature for coffee:
68 – 79 degrees C (154 – 174 degrees F)

Mind you, I have seen debate on the issue of what temperature is ideal. I have seen figures quoted in the vicinity of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit which is a good deal hotter than the figures quoted above.

And of course, once you have the right coffee maker for home, you can be assured that you are indeed serving your coffee at the correct temperature. The coffee maker reviews on this site are intended to help you find the best coffee makers for your particular taste.

Adding Color to Your Coffee Experience

If you are someone who takes pride in your stylish kitchen then you probably have color-coded appliances.

You would not be alone.

There is a growing trend towards highlighting a kitchen with bright, cheery appliance colors. And coffee makers are no exception.

Purple is a color that wins a lot of favor among our readers. So many are keen to source just the right purple coffee maker or just the perfect purple coffee pot.

We will soon be bringing you coffee makers by color so check back shortly to see a larger array.

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